Welcome to my blog.

Hello there! I’m so happy and excited to finally start and share this new journey with you all.

I’ve been thinking about this blog for such a long time now!

“Book Me Some Time” is my second blog about books. I started blogging in August 2016, on my other blog ReadWithMahogany. When I started this blog I was an au pair in Wales, and my life was so much different than now. Since July 2018, I became a mom and I moved back this same year to France. I’m not gonna go back on this subject as I already talk about all this on my “Who Am I ?” page. So anyway yes my life changed a lot and this blog wasn’t me anymore. I couldn’t find myself anymore in it, and I wasn’t enjoying posting on it which is why I slowly started writing really quick “reviews” and then eventually I stopped posting completely.

On this blog I want to be completely free with the way I’m gonna write my reviews, and what I’m gonna post (always books related of course!). I just don’t want to always post reviews and only reviews nor to be stuck with only a way to type and prepare my posts. With my old blog I completely blocked myself. I don’t know how to explain but when I created it I imagined a certain way to write and display my posts so then I never allowed myself to change or even improve my way to blog. So I got stuck with how I decided to post and I was only posting reviews and reading tracker each months. Sometimes a tag, but that was it. No wonder why I got bored!

I really want this blog to reflect my love for books, and my love for blogging as well. I really want to enjoy this new adventure and I hope I will count you in.

Thank you for reading this, and I truly hope you’ll enjoy my blog because from now on it’s gonna be all about books, books, books and books (did I mention books ?!) And once again I’m sorry if there are mistakes or if it doesn’t totally make sense. (If you haven’t read my “who am I?” I’m French.)

See you very soon,

Morgane. x

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