[Review] “Now is Everything” – Amy Giles.

Now is Everything” is a novel written by Amy Giles and published in 2017. She’s also the author of the novel “That Night“.

We’re following the story of Hadley McCauley, the only survivor of a plane crash. When she’s taken to the hospital she tries to kill her herself, so everyone wants to find out why and what really happened because in this crash only her family passed and it was her dad piloting.

All Hadley has ever wanted was to protect her sister from the monster their dad is. During the whole book it gets worse and worse and all you want is for someone to react and help Hadley and her sister to get safe and away from him and their mom who is not helping much, either.

There are no numbered chapters, the book is cut in “Then” and “Now” part so we can find out what happened in the past and who Hadley is and we can also follow the investigation.

This novel speaks up about lots of different subjects such as family violence, self-harming, love and relationship, friendship, contraception, …

I really enjoyed reading this book and discovering the story of Hadley. I got really attached (very quickly) to the characters. You get so many emotions while reading it, you can go from anger to “aw cute” back to “omg kill him”. Hadley is in a (forbidden) relationship with Charlie. He was one of my favorite character because you can tell how much he loves her and how much he wants to help her when he understands what’s happening to her.

I discovered it while looking for books to add to my TBR, and to be honest I never heard of it before and I think it’s a shame because I’m pretty sure every reader who likes young adult’ novel (with a bit of suspens) would enjoy this book!

5 ★

Morgane. x

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