[Monthyl Wrap-Up] May 2019.

This wrap-up is gonna be a bit more interesting than the one from April. I got to read two books I was so looking forward to read so I guess it helped!

I read:

  1. The Immortals” – Alyson Noël (Book 1)

I started reading this book when I was in high school but I never had the chance to finish it. Last year I had the whole serie (in French) for my birthday and Christmas so I decided it was the right time to (re)discover the first book now! I gave it 5 ★ .

2. “A Contre-Sens” – Mercedes Ron (Book 2)

I’m normally not a big fan of this kind of books but omg this serie is definitely one of my favorite! Mercedes Ron is a Spanish author but I read her books in French, I’ve put the title in French because I can’t find the English title nor if the series has been published in English.. The original title is “Culpables“. No surprise: 5 ★ .

3. “A Contre-Sens” – Mercedes Ron (Book 3)

Once again: 5 ★ . Thank god I did not have to wait to read it and then I did not have to long to wait to read book 4 either!

4. “Chère Mamie” – Virginie Grimaldi

A French book I read in one-sitting, I gave it 5 ★ . It was really cute, the author shares her letters to her grandmother. She writes about her holidays, her family, her job, about her life. It was nice to read.

I DNFed:

  1. The Cruel Prince” – Holly Black (Book 1)

Oh … so many people will be disappointed .. I tried so hard to get into the story but it was definitely not the right moment.

I started reading:

  1. The Loneliest Girl in The Universe” – Lauren James

⟼ I read 04 books and DNF 01.


Morgane. x

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