[Monthly Wrap-Up] June 2019.

I thought my April wrap-up was terrible but guess what ? I did not do better in June..

I read:

  1. The Loneliest Girl in The Universe” – Lauren James

I loved this book so much, I wasn’t expecting such an amazing story. I really thought it was gonna be a sci-fi, young adult, romance book but really it was way more than that. The main character, Romy, was so amazing and the author has such a powerful writing you could feel all her anxiety through her words. Very beautiful book to read. I gave it 5 ★ . I have to admit.. I almost DNFed it because I was really tired and I was reading it really slowly so I got a bit fed up because I couldn’t get into the story properly and then one night I just went to bed and decided I was gonna read and that night I couldn’t stop reading, and in the end I read it almost in one-sitting. Also I have to say that the cover is absolutely gorgeous!

And that’s it. We’re done. Thankfully I loved the only book I read that month..

⟼ I read 01 book. (Spoiler: my July wrap-up is not better…)


Morgane. x

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