[Review] “Not Hungry” – Kate Karyus Quinn.

Not Hungry” is a novel about eating disorder written by Kate Karyus Quinn. (I received this book thanks to NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.)

June is suffering. She has an eating disorder but no one sees it because she’s fat, so everyone thinks she’s just on a diet. A strict diet. She is starving herself. And instead of getting help, she’s being congratulated whenever she is not eating. She is keeping her secret really safe until one day .. when Toby, the neighbor, finds out. But he also have is own dark secret.

This is a very short book written in verse. I did not really like this book as to my opinion it wasn’t showing off enough of the mental illness and the real struggle of an eating disorder. Writing in verse for this subject was probably not easy, but I think more was needed.

In this book you will find the theme of – Eating disorder, fat-shaming/bullying.

I don’t think I would recommend it.

1 ★

Morgane. x


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