[Monthly Wrap-Up] July 2019.

I am actually thinking I should have posted a ‘wrap-up’ article for both June and July together instead of writing one for each month because it’s not so much better..

I read:

  1. A Contre-Sens” – Mercedes Ron (Book 4)

I actually started reading it while being at the hospital. I was so happy to get to go back into this serie. Now I have to wait for book 5 and it’s so hard! Of course I gave it: 5 ★ .


  1. 1984” -George Orwell

I started reading it in French, but I was really exhausted and couldn’t get into it. It’s a book I wanted to read before uni started because I think it can be interesting to know about it for my course. So I will definitely read it later. I have to admit I really hate the cover… It makes me uncomfortable.. what do you think?

⟼ I read 01 and DNF 01.

Spoiler alert: My next ‘wrap-up’ is gonna be more interesting! yeahhh! Finally!


Morgane. x

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