[Blog Tour + Short Review] “Finding Blossoms in The Darkness” – Simin Sarikhani

“A mother’s journey through deepest loss to hope.”

Today is my first time posting for a ‘Blog Tour’ and it’s for a very important cause as it is a Suicide Prevention Month theme and the book I’m gonna introduce you today is a memoir written by a mother who lost her son after he took his own life. I would like to thank Bookollective (@Bookollective) for inviting me to take part in this ‘Blog Tour’ and for sending me a copy of this book.

Simin Sarikhani is a refugee from revolutionary Iran. She wrote “Finding Blossoms in The Darkness” after the death of her son- Zhubin, who was 21 when he took his own life. Through her memoir, we learn about her life from being a child until she became a mum. She shares with us – her story, her thoughts, her grief, her life, her hope, her faith, the signs she receives from her son.

It’s very hard to speak about this book without spoiling you every details. So it’s gonna be a very short review, but this book was very powerful and heartbreaking to read as well as very touching. The author is showing off all her feelings through her words, she’s not hiding anything or pretending and you can feel it and I guess that’s what I loved even more – the fact that she was so honest and real from the first until the last page.

The book itself is a very beautiful object. It is full of quotes, photos, paintings which helps you get even more into the book and feel part of the author’s life.

Through Simin’s words you learn to discover Zhubin’s life and fight – his story. At the end of the book, it’s like you are part of their family and you’ve known them forever.

Zhubin was suffering with a really difficult condition. He couldn’t have many hours of sleeps and it was very dangerous for his health. His mum had to be very attentive and always prepare to help him. He knew his condition was terminal – that he would never have a treatment. That’s why he decided to take his own life at 21 years old. He prepared everything, every little details were thought of and he was very subtle.

“Take life easy. Be Happy. Be still in your heart, active in your mind.”


It’s definitely not an easy read, but it’s really worth it. It makes you think a lot about yourself and people around you, and how anyone can be suffering and how life can be so short so you have to make the most of it for yourself and with your loved ones. The author – as well as her son ! – is a really strong woman.

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Whenever we buy this book, all the money goes for The Zhubin Foundation, you can find out more about the foundation on the website + links to buy the book.

5/5 ★

I hope you will want to read this memoir after reading my review. Let me know if you do read it!

Morgane. x

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