[Monthly Wrap-up] October 2019.

October! What a month! This is going to be a super short wrap-up again but guys I have good reasons and explanations this time. Okay so, as you may or may not know I was pregnant and due on the 6th of November. On the 9th, I was 37 weeks pregnant on that day, I was meant to be in labour but the next day they told me it stopped. Anyway long story short, I gave birth on the 20th of October (on my parents and great-grand-parents anniversary !!) to our beautiful girl, Nia (it’s the Welsh version of Niamh and it means ‘Bright’). So yes I basically did not read much in October!

I started reading:

  1. “Making Faces” – Amy Harmon

I am reading it in French, and I really enjoyed it! I will talk about it in my November wrap-up.

I paused:

  1. “The Raven Wheel” – A.F. Stone

I did not DNF that one, I really enjoyed reading it and I was almost halfway through it but with everything that happened I was really exhausted and couldn’t focus properly so I prefer to pause it and wait until I’m less tired to read it from the beginning so I can review it properly!

⟼ I read 0 book.


Morgane. x

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