[Top Ten Tuesday] Books With Single-Word Titles.

Top Ten Tuesday was originally created by The Broke and The Bookish and then moved to That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week theme is “Books with single-word titles”. My challenge of the day is going to be to try to find only ten books so it’s actually a ‘Top Ten’. Let’s do it!

1. “Nerve” by Jeanne Ryan.

Weird fact about this book – I actually liked the movie more than the book! It’s really rare but that happens!

2. “Hopeless” – Colleen Hoover.

I loved this book so much! It the first Colleen Hoover’ book I read.

3. “Multiversum” – Leonardo Patrignani.

I read this book like 5 years ago and I remember how much I loved it. It’s an amazing story.

4. “Tape” – Steven Camden

It was the first book I bought when I moved to Wales. I remember how long I stayed in the WH Smith alley checking on all the books. I really enjoyed it.

5. “Max” – Sarah Cohen-Scali

It’s not the kind of book I normally read but that one was brilliant!

6. “Loveless” – Alice Oseman

I haven’t read that one yet as it is not meant to be out before April, but it’s an Alice Oseman so I’m so excited!

7. “Fandom” – Anna Day

I was really disappointed with this one .. But I’m still waiting to sequel because I am really curious.

8. “Ink” – Alice Broadway

This first book was amazing. And this cover is absolutely gorgeous!

9. “Cinder” – Marissa Meyer

I was really surprised by this book – in a good way. I still haven’t picked up the sequel.. I don’t know what I am waiting for.

10. “Dreamology” – Alice Keating

This book is in my TBR.

Morgane. x

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