[Chit-Chat] What I (really) want for the blog.

I came to a conclusion recently – if I want this blog to be mine and to represent me, I need to let myself the freedom to write and post about anything I want. 

I use to have a blog about books in French (and sometimes I use to post in english) then I decided to create a second blog to be able to speak about any subjects I wanted to talk about. The truth is did not enjoy having two blogs, and I immediately gave up on the last one… even though I had many posts already written and ready to post. I dont know why but I wasn’t feeling like sharing on it at all. 

Then I slowly lost my motivation to write on my book-related one as well… After a while I realised that the blog wasn’t reflecting who I am, not anymore —and as I was missing blogging – I needed to create a new one.

That’s when I started ‘BookMeSomeTime’ and honestly I feel so motivated about this blog, I have so many ideas, but those ideas are not only for posts about books because I want to share more. I have too many subjects that I want to be able to write about and share with you.

To make this blog mine, I want to be able to posts about anything I want to, and that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll keep posting in english, because for some reason I feel more comfortable to express myself in English but I’ll also (sometimes) translate my posts to French so I can share with more people. I’ll put the links to be redirected to the French or English post at the beginning of those posted in both languages.

This blog will be about books (no, blog tours are not gonna stop! I love those posts too much), mental health, mum’s life, student life, my experience as an au pair and expatriate, and anything I’ll feel like talking about.

I hope you’ll still follow me and you will enjoy my posts.

Morgane. x


  1. It sounds like you have a vision of where you want this to go, and that’s key! I have a couple blogs and I know how much work it can be to keep up with them, so I don’t blame you for not necessarily wanting to go that route. I can’t wait to see where this one takes you…

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  2. Autant j’arrive à comprendre l’anglais en lisant, autant je suis incapable de te répondre dans cette langue. Je suis contente pour toi, et sache qu’on passe plus ou moins tous par cette phase avec un besoin d’ouverture dans les sujets dont on parle. Je suis curieuse de découvrir les nouveaux articles que tu proposeras (en espérant que j’arrive à y comprendre quelque chose !). Ne m’en veux pas pour ma réponse en français… Belle continuation dans cette jolie aventure. ❤

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