[Monthly Wrap-Up] December 2019.

What can I say ? I’m always late when it come to post my wrap-up!

I read:

  1. “I Was Born For This” – Alice Oseman

I loved this story so much. I can’t even describe how I felt once I finished it. 5★

2. “Up” (Audiobook)

It was the first time I listened to an audiobook, so I wanted to try something easy to listen in bed.

3. “Cinderella” (Audiobook)

Same as for “Up”.

4. “Did I Mention I Love You ?” – Estelle Maskame

Tell me why I waited so long to read this book, uh ? Honestly loved this serie so so much !!! 5★

5. “Did I Mention I Need You ?” – Estelle Maskme


6. “Did I Mention I Miss You ?” – Estelle Maskame


7. “Protocole & Chocolat Chaud” – Anna-Victoria Val

I really enjoyed this really cute and short Christmas story. 5★

I started:

  1. “Geekerella” – Ashley Poston

⟼ I read 06 books and listened to 02 audiobooks.


I failed my 2019 challenge, but I’m planning on achieving my 2020 one!

Morgane. x

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