[Chit-Chat] April is ‘Adenomyosis Awareness Month’

April is “Adenomyosis Awareness Month” —
The pain is NOT just in your head.

– Its not okay to have painful periods.
– It’s not okay to be in pain.
– It’s not okay to have pain before, after and during your periods.
– It’s not okay to bleed before, after and during your periods.
– It’s not okay to have 10+ days of constant heavy bleeding when you have your periods.
– It’s not okay to be in pain when you go for a wee or a toilet.
– It’s not okay to have contractions even when you’re not pregnant.
– It’s not okay to wake up slim and within an hour looking 6 months to 9 months pregnant.
– It’s not okay to be so in pain that you can’t walk, or move because the pain goes everywhere into your body.
– It’s not okay to have painful sex.
– It’s not okay to feel like your uterus and your ovaries are burning.

There are so many more symptoms that are awful and many doctors still don’t know what “adenomyosis” is, nor the actual symptoms.

It’s not okay for your doctor to say: (and that’s what I’ve been told)

– “It can’t be that painful, you’ve got tattoos.” -> I chose to get those tattoos, and I never felt any pain. I did not chose the adeno. 
– “It can’t be that painful, you gave birth with no epidural.” -> Once again, it was my choice to go all natural + where you there to know if it was painful or not ? 
– “You can’t be bleeding that much.” Want to bet? 
– “It’s not painful.” Whenever you have a swab, a scan, they push on your uterus. YES, it is painful. It’s not painful for you, good for you. But I am NOT you. 
– Yes I know I’m very lucky I have two beautiful babies, I was told many times when I was younger that I would never be able to have babies but i did so yes I’m very lucky (and thankful) but it’s not a reason to not believe my pain. 

No it’s not just in my head. I’ve had those pains since even before I started having my periods. And after years and years of seeing different doctors and explaining my pains, I finally found ONE doctor who decided to do the right exams.

I’m fed up of people/doctor minimizing my pains. Why would I want to fake all this shit? This is far from fun to be in pain all the time, to wake up more exhausted than before you fell asleep, to wake up with contractions, cramps and nauseas, wondering how you’re going to even get out of your bed because the only thing you can feel in your legs is the pain. Also I don’t have to show or say that I’m in pain to be in pain! 

If you know you’re in pain, and it’s NOT normal, just don’t stop going to the doctors and asking for check ups! There are so many different conditions that could explain your pain! 

I’m not gonna lie – I was giving up, I’m really lucky my mum, my partner and my best friend pushed me to keep going to appointments, seeing doctors and supporting me. Now I’m getting myself ready for more and more exams after the lockdown as the doctor I’m seeing wants me to be checked for ‘Endometriosis’.

Coming up next on my blog will be my ‘periods story’ and how I was diagnosed, I will update this post as soon as its posted and I’ll put the link: here.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Morgane. x

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