[Blog Tour] Worth Fighting For – Lasairiona E. McMaster (Book 2)

I’m very happy to bring another blog tour on the here today, and so glad to be able to speak about a book two! If you want to check my blog tour post about book one, you can check it out: here.

AJ and Lisa are trying to live their *distance* relationship even though AJ knows he is married to Brit and has to be careful. Until that day … When everything changes and he has to prove Lisa, that it’s her. All about her, and she’s the one he loves.

If you read my post about the first book you know how much I loved it, well guess what ? I loved this second book just as much as book one. We get to know AJ and Lisa better and in a different way but also Jeremy and I have to say I truly love his character. I think Jer his my favourite, no joke guys just read it and you’ll understand why – I can’t say more!

In this second book we found out more about AJ’s mental health, and while he is dealing with his demons he has to help Lisa fighting hers after she get terribly attacked and loads happens to her. This second book is heartbreaking and deal with many different (and hard subjects) I’ll put a list of ‘trigger warnings’ at the end of the article, don’t read them if you don’t want any spoilers !

Once again, AJ’s thoughts are a massive plus when we read and I really think it’s amazing that we can actually know what’s happening in his head. We don’t really see Brit again, in fact I’m quite glad as she annoys me -oops- but well let’s be fair she still is super important in the story.

And oh my god, can we talk about the cliffhanger ? How rude ? (you have to read it with Stephanie’s voice, yes I’m on about Full House). I need to read book three already, the author is too cruel … Just get ready for it!

Honestly, all I can say is that you need to read this books. You won’t regret it.

I can’t wait to see you guys next month with another blog tour – *hint* book three *hint*.

I hope you’re all staying safe in this difficult time. Don’t forget to Stay Home, it’s so important.

Just to remind you that if you are not interested in the Trigger Warnings and potential spoilers then you should stop reading now.

Morgane. x

*Spoilers about many subjects that could be triggering*

  • Mental Health, and Bipolar disorder.
  • Agression
  • Infant Loss
  • Grief
  • Pills and self-harm


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