[Chit-Chat] NaNoWriMo April 2020.

First of all, if you’ve never heard of it you might be wondering “What is NaNoWriMo ?” – it stands for “National Novel Writing Month”. It’s a challenge set in April, July and November where you have to write as many words as you can in a month. The main challenge is 50K words, but you can set your goal lower if you prefer! It’s from the first day until the last day of the month. You track your count of words on a website to unblock badges and be able to know where you at.

Normally people plan to participate and get ready for it but to be honest with you I wasn’t planning on participating at all. I did not even start on the first day of the month …

So let me start from the beginning – one night, on the 14th of April, I was feeling a bit low, for no particular reasons, and I was also very bored as everyone was asleep I was on my own. I turned my laptop on to be productive, and write for my blog but instead I just started writing a first sentence, few words and then just naturally I just wrote a first page of a story, which led to a second page and so on. Then I remembered about NaNoWriMo as I saw quite a few people on twitter and Instagram talking about it, so I went to check the website and just decided to start a project. At first, I just wanted to look at the website completely out of curiosity. I thought it was very interesting and I really liked how it’s set, etc … So I just started a project called “Nano 2020” and I set my goal to 20K words. I felt really inspired and even if I wasn’t planning to do it really I ended up writing everyday, until the end of the month. I wrote for seventeen days straight (and in between all my assignments for my end-of-term exams!)

Before I show you how many words per day I wrote, I’m gonna speak to you about my ‘story’. It’s very basic and I haven’t planned anything because it’s not something I want to share, it’s purely therapeutic if I can say so. It just helped (and helps) me when I need to get things out of my head.

It’s started as a story about my agoraphobia and anxiety, I needed the main character to speak about it. It’s a third person point of view, a person who is omniscient though. Each chapter starts with the name of one of the two main characters to know who it’s gonna be focus on. Anyway, so none of my character are someone I know, I picked up few things from friends and family to inspire me but the main character is not me, etc. I only used my personal feeling to write about the anxiety and agoraphobia, for example. I haven’t described any of them physically, and it’s not set anywhere in the world. They only thing you can know from the story is that there’s a beach, for example. I did not feel the need to write everything in details, yet. I just felt like writing what I had on my mind which did not need anything a part from names for the characters. I don’t know if it makes sense to be honest, but that’s basically how I can describe it.

I’m planning on continuing to write this story, and even re-write from a first person point of view but it’s basically just for me, to feel productive and get stuff out my chest. I’m not planning for anyone to read it or share it. If you read everything until now, you’re probably wondering why I wrote about it on the blog then … It’s simple, I just wanted to share my experience of the NaNoWriMo with you all and being able to remember maybe in a few years this experience that I really enjoyed.

Day 1: 14/04 – 877 words.

Day 2: 15/04 – 739 words. -> 1616 words in total.

Day 3: 16/04 – 1102 words. -> 2718 words in total.

Day 4: 17/04 – 775 words. -> 3493 words in total.

Day 5: 18/04 – 1001 words. -> 4494 words in total.

Day 6: 19/04 – 1250 words. -> 5744 words in total.

Day 7: 20/04 – 929 words. -> 6673 words in total.

Day 8: 21/04 – 665 words. -> 7338 words in total.

Day 9: 22/04 – 572 words. -> 7910 words in total.

Day 10: 23/04 – 597 words. -> 8507 words in total.

Day 11: 24/04 – 681 words. -> 9188 words in total.

Day 12: 25/04 – 1090 words. -> 10278 words in total.

Day 13: 26/04 – 1095 words. -> 11373 words in total.

Day 14: 27/04 – 2442 words. -> 13815 words in total.

Day 15: 28/04 – 452 words. -> 14267 words in total.

Day 16: 29/04 – 440 words. -> 14707 words in total.

Day 17: 30/04 – 603 words. -> 15310 words in total.

I wrote a total of 15.310 words in seventeen days and I’m very happy about it, because I just felt productive and I really enjoyed it! Also it really helped me when I felt very lonely. I’m gonna keep writing and I think I will try NaNoWriMo again next time.

What about you ? Have you ever tried or considered challenging yourself during NaNoWriMo ? Have you been participating during the month of April – if so, how did it go ?

Morgane. x


  1. I love NaNoWriMo – I participate every November. It’s the only month I let myself write something other than my main SF WIP. I love it participating. I totally understand just writing to get feelings out. I’ve been there. Sometimes it’s just incredibly therapeutic to put words on paper (so to speak). 15.3K words in 17 days is awesome! Words must’ve just been flowing, which is the best feeling. When you go to rework/rewrite your story, the words still flow that easily!

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  2. […] The first time I tried the NaNo was in April last year! I actually decided to start the NaNo on the 15th so I had fifteen days to complete the challenge, so obviously I did not try to write the 50K but just write as much as I could and I did pretty great. I was really pleased with what I ended up with, also because as I was doing my online exam for uni at the same time, so it wasn’t too bad. I wrote a post about it – Link. […]


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