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You put your iPod on shuffle and with the title of the song who comes out first you try and find a book title for each letters. If you read it, you can speak about it, if it’s in you TBR you can say so, if you did not enjoy it or don’t plan to read it, you are still free to use the title or not say anything about it. You can even just left it blank. Let’s do this!

Years and Years – Preacher.

P – “Phobos” – Victor Dixen

I really liked this book, it’s a book originally published in French but it’s been translated into English. It takes place in a spaceship, the characters are on their way to Mars and during their journey they have to choose who they are going to marry, to create a life on Mars.

R – “Romeo and Juliet” – Shakespeare

I’m not a classic fan but I love the … musical. Yes, the musical. (French one)

E – “Eliza and Her Monsters” – Francesca Zappia

It’s one of my favorite book. Many subjects are represented in this book, such as anxiety, mental illnesses, friendship, and love.

A – “A Very Large Expanse of Sea” – Tahereh Mafi

I absolutely loved this book. It took me ages to pick it out from my TBR but when I finally did, I did not regret it. It takes place right after the attack of September 2001, in the USA.

C – “Collapso” – Anna-Victoria Val

This is a book written by a French author, sets in an apocalyptic France. I hope it will be published in another language soon, and if you read in French or understand it, my review is coming soon on the blog!

H – “How (not) to ask a boy to prom – S.J. Goslee

This one is in my TBR.

E – “Evie and The Upside Down World of Nevermore” – Brigitte Märgen

This one is also in my TBR.

R – “Running With Lions– Julian Winters

One more from my TBR, if you’ve read let me know what you think about it.

I love this song, it’s one of my favorite (yes okay they are all my favorite …) from the “Palo Santo” album (second album from the band).

Morgane. x

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