[Review] Birds Are Meant To Be Free – Marjorie Levasseur

First of all I would like to thank the author for trusting me and sending me a e-copy of her book. However my review will still be a honest review. It’s a book originally published in French, as Marjorie Levasseur is a French self-published author. “Birds Are Meant To Be Free” was translated by Floriane Ballige, and its original title is – « Ces oiseaux qu’on met en cage».


From the outside, each of them lives an almost perfect life, but are things always what they seem?
One day comes a gesture that’s too strong, an event that turns the daily routine into something unexpected.
The masks come off, the truth appears.
Through various encounters and tragedies, those young people and their entourage need to evolve and find a freedom they had long lost…
It’s time to open the cage, at any price.

The book starts with Fabrice’s story. He is the first character introduced, as he links the characters and their stories together. I don’t want to spoil anyone so I won’t say anything else about Fabrice, but then the story follows up Samuel’s story. Samuel is Fabrice’s older brother, and Samuel life’s changed a lot after something happen. He wants to live his life away from his parents, and mostly his dad who’s a toxic person. He works as a lawyer and he lives with an old lady, Colette. He meets Manon in work, and very quickly he wants to help her go through some difficulties she’s having in her relationship.

At first, I felt a bit lost with all the point of views from the different characters, but once I was used to it and knew who we were following in each chapter, it was a great read. I am not gonna lie – this book broke my heart. I knew it wasn’t going to be a rom-com, but still … I wasn’t expecting for my heart to be broken that bad. You get really attached to some of the characters, and you truly hope they are going to get better but the author decides that it is not happening. Can we blame her ? No, of course not. Life is not easy, the subjects used in this book aren’t either, so it’s normal for the author to not be nice and giving happy ever after to all her characters. Altough through all the events the characters are going through, the author tries to show us that there is always hope, that everything can change.

I did not see the end coming at all, even though it wasn’t too hard to understand. But I honestly loved the fact that it was easy to understand, but not so obvious so you could still read it until the end and be surprised and only then realise that it was obvious, do you know what I mean or am I just speaking gibberish ?

The title is beautifully chosen and the cover as well. They both reflect the story perfectly. It’s a cloudy story but the sun is always ready to shine through the clouds, and bringing lights (of hope) into your life.

I would highly recommend this book.

Links to contact the author and by her book(s):

Amazon UK


If you ever decide to read this book, let me know what you thought about it! I will put it some ‘Trigger Warnings’ at the end of my post, if you need them!

Morgane. x

Trigger Warnings:

Suicide, abusive relationship, death.

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