[Review] The Children of Fairies, The Blood Pact – Aurélie Chateaux-Martin (Book 1)

Thank you to the author for sending me an e-copy of her book, it doesn’t change my opinion and I promise that I’m giving you an honest review.

Aurélie Chateaux-Martin is a French author, so this book has been translated from French to English. If you like fantasy novel with a whole world built by the author, this novel is perfect for you.

Both born from the union of a woman and a fairy-spirit, Meltem and his friend Noah dream of adventure and travel. Life is too calm for their liking in Naÿl, the village in which they met, and when Noah is separated from the woman he loves, the two friends decide to leave their abodes in order to roam the paths of the ‘Hidden World’. But before they leave, Meltem experiences a most peculiar encounter…thus, it is with a leaden heart that the young man prepares to leave the forest he has come to know and love. An inestimably precious jewel can be found in that verysame forest – a blindingly beautiful elf, who stole his heart the very moment he laid eyes on her, and took it with her, deep into the woods!
The two friends leave Naÿl with wistful souls and torn hearts. A vast world awaits them, enticing the duo to taste their new-found freedom. A journey full of promise, where mystery and magic come had in hand with adventure and danger. But what lies in store for them along their path of discovery? Will they manage to find peace and appeasement from within?
They sense that this journey is essential for them, necessary even. They know that stability and wisdom will be gained as they wander hither and thither along legendary trails, following in the footsteps of their childhood heroes…

Meltem and Noah are the two main characters that we follow all through this first book. They live in a village called Naÿl. We are following the two boys in their quest to discover the Hidden World. Both of them are really eager to leave their village for this adventure even though it’s hard for them to do so as Noah, for example, has to leave the woman he loves, but that he is not allowed to be with and Meltem has met a beautiful elf.

The author created such a beautiful and unique world for her characters and her novel. Full of magic, tales, elves, dragons and others mystics creatures, you will be immersed in a whole new world while reading this novel. I also really appreciated the fast they had their own tales and languages which gave a massive plus to the story.

I would highly recommend it, if you like fantasy and if you would like to discover the very hard work the author put into creating her own (not so) little world.

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Morgane. x

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