[Monthly Wrap-up] May 2020.

  1. I Wish You All The Best – Mason Deaver

This was the first book I was reading about (and with) a non-binary character. I hope I won’t misgender the author or the character in my review, feel free to correct me please. Anyway, so this is the story of Ben, after coming out to their parents they kick him out of their house. They get back in touch with their sister to get a place to stay. That’s how they meet Nathan. This is a very beautiful story, I couldn’t put it down. Really beautifully written and poignant. I wish there was a sequel to this book! (It’s an ownvoice!)

2. That’s Not What Happened – Kody Keplinger

I had never read this author before, and I really enjoyed the story and the plot. It’s about a shooting in a school. The survivors (or at least the main character) of the shooting are trying to tell the truth about what truly happened.

3. Always Been You – Lasairiona E. McMaster (Book 3)

My review.

4. The Raven Wheel – A.F. Stone

My review.

5. Eternels – Alyson Noël (Book 2)

6. The Places I’ve Cried in Public – Holly Bourne

It was a beautiful book, but really hard to read. It took me a while to pick it up, and I only picked it because one of my friend wanted to read it but was scared of the TW (toxic relationship, rape). So be careful if you ever want to read this book. It’s very beautifully written, but it’s not an easy topic.

Have you read any of these books ?

⟼ I read 06 books.


Morgane. x

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