[Monthly Wrap-up] June 2020.

  1. None of The Above – I. W. Gregorio

The main character find out she is intersex when she goes to the gynaecologist. It was a very interesting novel, which I highly recommend!

2. Infinity Son – Adam Silvera

I was so excited for this one and I wasn’t disappointed even though it took me a while to finally read it. I can’t wait for the sequel.

3. 4. 5. Heartstopper – Alice Oseman (Vol. 1,2,3)

I finally read the graphic novels written by Alice Oseman and omg! There is nothing else to say but go and read them.

6. Did I Mention It’s 10 years Later ? – Estelle Maskame

It’s a super short novella about the two main characters of the series DIMILY!

7. A Very Large Expanse of The Sea – Tahreh Mafi

Why on earth did I waited that long to read this masterpiece ? Tell me, why ? Absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking story, of a Muslim girl living in the USA after 9/11.

Have you read any of these books ? I highly recommend them all!

⟼ I read 07 books.


Morgane. x

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