[Monthly Wrap-up] July 2020.

  1. I Was Here – Gayle Forman

I had loved the duology If I stay and I should have known I would love this book just as much but just as stubborn as I am I waited years to pick it up from my TBR where it was patiently waiting for me even though one of my friend kept telling me to read it (Naura … If you ever read this. I’m sorry and thank you !) Honestly, it was such a beautiful read and I loved it so much.

2. L.A. Voix du Coeur – Alexandra Moonsamy

(French only), c’est une autobiographie dont je vous reparlerai sur le blog très prochainement. Depuis que je l’ai lu je prévois d’écrire une chronique et je n’arrive pas à trouver les bons mots pour vous en parler.

3. Collapso – Anna-Victoria Val

(French only) Ma chronique.

⟼ I read 03 books.


Morgane. x

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