[Monthly Wrap-up] October 2020.

  1. Miss Catastrophe — Conseil n°1: Comment tomber amoureuse sans se faire mal ? – Anna-Victoria Val

(French only) Chronique.

2. Miss Catastrophe — Conseil n°2: Comment tomber amoureuse sans se faire une entorse au coeur ? – Anna-Victoria Val

(French only) Chronique.

3. More Happy Than Not – Adam Silvera

This one had been in my TBR since 2016, and I finally read it with the new version (which has the ‘More Happy Ending’ bonus chapter) and omg! Honestly I’m glad I waited that long to finally read this beauty. It was so poignant, beautiful, I don’t even have enough words to describe it. Just read it!

⟼ I read 03 books.


I completed my challenge of the year by reading 40 books, and I’m really happy about it because first I did not think I would and secondly I completed it by reading the only book I had not read (yet) from my favorite author! How’s your challenge going ?

Have you read any of these books ?

Morgane. x

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