[Advent Calendar] December 01st, 2020 – Day 1. 🎅🏻

Today is the first day of December, which means we can officially start opening our Advent Calendar! I’m super excited, to start my own on my blog. For the first day, I decided to stay in my blog niche and talk about book. So let’s do it.

Top 3 of my favourites cover from my bookshelves (e-shelf and TBR included)

I’m not starting with an easy one because I love many many covers from books I have. I’m going to try to pick three that I haven’t shared on the blog yet.

  1. Flame in The Mist – Renée Ahdieh

This one has been in my TBR since 2016, and I really want to read it soon. It looks absolutely fantastic. I said that many times before, but as I’m a mood reader it’s really hard to know when I’ll actually read it. Hopefully soon, but anyway look at this cover! How beautiful is it !?

2. The Names They Gave Us – Emery Lord

This cover is stunning! I love all the UK covers from Emery Lord’s book. Actually, one of my favorite book is by this author and it’s When We Collided! So yes, I love this cover with its pastel colours, the sparkles and the watercolours drawing! Also it’s been in my TBR forever… yes, i know…

3. The Diary of a Bookseller – Shaun Bythell

How beautiful is this cover ? As a bookworm I think it looks perfect! Of course, you won’t be surprised but this one has been in my TBR since 2018… Actually, I started reading it but I never finished it because I went through a massive reading slump… I’ll have to start it all over again, one day because it was really good and interesting!

Of course… I’m going to cheat…

I really wanted to show you two more covers that I love and from books I actually read! (I know… I deserve a round of applauses for that. Thank you, thank you).

  1. The Wrath and The Dawn – Renée Ahdieh (Book 1)

I loved this book so much (both actually, as it’s a duology) and look at this cover. It matches perfectly, the story and the main character.

2. More Happy Than Not – Adam Silvera

Who am I, if I don’t mention Adam Silvera at least once ? eh ? Anyway, I could have put all his books covers and different edition of them in this post but I decided to chose the latest cover for More Happy Than Not, I love it so so so much. Also, the boy on the cover (Aaron Soto) reminds me a little bit of Olly Alexander here, and it’s even more perfect! I loved this novel, it was perfect. You should definitely read it, if you haven’t yet!

I hope you liked this first post, and don’t forget to comment with your own top 3 (yes you are allowed to cheat too!)

Happy December 1st, you all.

Morgane. x

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