[Advent Calendar] December 04th, 2020 – Day 4. 🎅🏻

This is probably the post I am the most excited about! 😍

Do you have a comfort movie or TV show ? By that I mean, that you can watch it over and over again without getting bored of it, and it makes you feel better when you need it, or it’s just nice I don’t know maybe it helps you stay focus, etc ? Well I have both a TV show and a movie, so here’s my comfort TV show.

Julie and The Phantoms

I’m completely obsessed with Julie and The Phantoms, it became my comfort show as soon as I first watched it. I can binge it twice a week, easy!

What is it about, you might ask me ?

Well, Julie is a teenager who lost her mother. She lives with her dad and her little brother, one day her dad asks her to go through the garage which was her mum’s studio. He wants to sell the house to start all over again, but he wants Julie to go through the studio as it is all about music and that’s the passion they were sharing. Julie accepts, and starts going through her mother’s stuffs when she found an old CD from a band called Sunset Curve, she puts it on and after a few seconds she can hear a horrible sounds like screaming and three guys appears from nowhere, into her mum’s studio. They all scream their head off, in confusion. After a while, they find out that the three boys are three of the four members of the band, and they died twenty-five years ago, in 1995, and this studio was where they were playing their own music. Julie doesn’t play music anymore, nor sing since her mum passed and one morning she starts singing and playing again, when the guys founds out they try and get her to sing again, until they realise that when they sing together, even though they are ghosts (or Musicians Spirits, I should say!) people can see them as long as the music is on, and they are playing/singing with Julie. That’s how Julie and The Phantoms happens. But they have unfinished business to discover, and lots of things is going to happen to them four.

It’s honestly the cutest TV show I watched in ages. The cast is amazing and so talented, the story is brilliant, the musics are beautiful and so catchy they made me want to start learning the guitar and the piano again. If you watch this show, you’re going to fall in love with all the characters, the story, the music. You’re going to laugh, smile, but also cry (cry a lot, yes!). It’s starring Madison Reyes as Julie Molina, it was her first role and omg believe she’s so talented I bet she’s gonna be big! Charlie Gillepsie as Luke, he starred in the reboot of Charmed. Owen Joyner as Alex who is also known for his role of Arc in Knight Squad. Jeremy Shada as Reggie, who gave his voice to Finn the Human in Adventure Time; Jadah Marie as Flynn, who played Celia in Descendants 3 and you will also find Booboo Stewart as Willie, well known for his character of Seth in the Twilight movies.

The novel The Edge of Great based on the season 1, is being published with Scholastic and is coming out this month.

Now I’m obviously waiting for Season 2, to be announced because they can’t just not renew this show!

Have you watched it ? Did you enjoy it ? And do you have any shows/movies to recommend me that are similar ?

Morgane. x

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