[Advent Calendar] December 06th, 2020 – Day 6. 🎅🏻

If you are looking for a cute Christmas movie to watch, wrapped up in a cozy blanket and with a cup of hot chocolate well … the movies I’m going to talk to you about today are the perfect ones for you.

The Princess Switch 1 & 2 (spoilers-free)

No you’re not seeing double, Vanessa Hudgens plays the two main characters: Stacy De Novo, a baker from Chicago and Lady Margaret Delacourt, the Duchess of Montenaro. It’s a Netflix Christmas movie that came out in 2018.

The Princess Switch is about a girl from Chicago, Stacy, who goes to Belgravia for a baking contest with Kevin, her best friend, and Olivia, his daughter. Stacy wants everything to go has plan, so she schedules everything, but she did not plan on bumping into someone that looks exactly like her, and who’s a future princess: Lady Margaret. The Lady wants to discover the real life, and the country before getting married to the prince so she asks Stacy to switch places.

I’m not really into Christmas’s movies and all (I’m getting there, I’m trying!) so I decided to watch this one during a late night feed with my baby girl (in 2019), and surprisingly I really liked this movie. It’s easy to watch, it’s cute, there are some romance and some comedy, it’s great. The images are beautiful, and Vanessa Hudgens is a really great actress. 

I really liked the plot, which was really nice with the difference between the two characters and watching them grow and discover each others’ life.

It’s easy to watch, and even though you can guess the story and what’s going to happen well there’s something that makes you want to watch (and maybe re-watch it – that’s why I did, recently!)

I’ve watched both, and I definitely preferred the first movie!

If you haven’t watched the first one, you might not want to read the end of my post as it might not be spoilers-free about the first movie…

So, this time you’re not seeing triple! Stacy De Novo, Lady Margaret Delacourt and Lady Fiona, the Lady’s cousin looks exactly the same!

Stacy is now the Princess of Belgravia and Lady Margaret is going to be crowned Queen of Montenaro. They all go to her palace to be there for her, including Kevin and Olivia, even though Lady Maragaret and Kevin broke up. Everything is not going the way it was planned, when Lady Fiona decides that if the Princess and the future Queen switched before and it worked, well she can switch with the future Queen and become the Queen for a little while to steal money. What she doesn’t know, is that the night of her plan, she is going to kidnap the wrong future Queen!

I enjoyed this sequel. It was nice to get back into the story, find out what happened during the two years and all, but the plot was too slow. The movie went on for a little while until the actual plot with the kidnapping arrived and then it all went very quickly during maybe the last twenty minutes. Obviously I wasn’t expecting that the kidnapping would happen during the whole movie, but I thought it was going to be a bit more than that with more twists and turns.

It was still a great movie, but I preferred the first one. Though I’m not gonna lie, I’m not saying no to a third movies!

What did you think about The Princess Switch ? If you watched both, which one did you prefer ?

Morgane. x

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