[Advent Calendar] December 22nd, 2020 – Day 22. 🎅🏻

Two days to go, and plenty of times to catch up will all those Christmas movies we haven’t watched (yet)!

A list of  Christmas movies on Disney + (Part 2)

This is a list of movies I’ve watched or that I would like to watch, feel free to recommend me more or let me know if I should watch one in priority!

I’ve never watched Snowglobe but it sounds like the perfect cheesy Christmas movie, right ?

The story revolves around a young beautiful woman who discovers a Christmas-themed imaginary world inside a magical snow globe.

Home Alone, a classic … Right ? I’ve watched it when I was younger, but I can’t actually remember it properly. Maybe I should watch it again..

Don’t judge me, okay ? But … I’ve never watched The Nightmare Before Christmas because I’m not a big fan of Tim Burton BUT it’s on Disney + so … Why not ? and I know it’s also a kind of classic and people are always shocked when I say I’ve never watched it! The last one is 12 Dates of Christmas which look proper cheesy just by the look of the poster. I’ve never watched it, but I think it will be perfect next time I can’t decide what I’m going to watch!

Morgane. x


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