[Chit-Chat] NaNoWriMo April 2021.

This year again I’m trying NaNoWriMo! Yeah! Well… let me tell you about all my experiences with the NaNo!

Long story short – I give up easily.

No really, I just end up having no motivation to open my laptop or to keep up with the goal of words per days.

The first time I tried the NaNo was in April last year! I actually decided to start the NaNo on the 15th so I had fifteen days to complete the challenge, so obviously I did not try to write the 50K but just write as much as I could and I did pretty great. I was really pleased with what I ended up with. I wrote a post about it – Link.

Then I wanted to continue this project during the NaNo in July but I stopped after three days because I was completely blocked and couldn’t find any inspiration.

During the NaNo in November I tried to start a new project, and it did not work well. I stopped way before the end, because I was completely stuck. I wrote over 13K words and I was really into this story and then I got stuck so I tried to rewrite some scenes to be able to have a new opening and I ended up with three or four versions of the first chapter and then I just gave up on it.

During this NaNo I’m going to start a new project, that I started prepping few days ago. I had the idea one night when I couldn’t sleep, and I’ve been thinking about it all the time for a while and when I finally wrote my ideas in my notebook and started prepping it, I realised that I have lots of ideas and I could try prepping it more and try to start writing it during this NaNo.

The challenge is to write 50K words in a month , but you can choose your own goals so I set mine to minimum 25K. To me NaNoWriMo is just a way to challenge myself to finally take the time to sit down and actually write this idea I have. I don’t want to pressure myself into writing 50K or more, and I don’t even care if I don’t actually reach the 25k. I just want to participate and actually write all those ideas I have in mind.


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