[Quick Reviews] More Than We Can Tell – Brigid Kemmerer, Monday’s Not Coming – Tiffany D. Jackson, Broken Things – Lauren Oliver

More Than We Can Tell is written from the point of view of Emma and Rev, two students who goes to the same school but don’t know each other until they meet up behind a church one night. Emma is walking her dog, and Rev is just hiding after he received a letter from his biological father and had to lie to his parents about it. Emma loves creating online game, and she is keeping a secret: she is being cyber-bullied on her own game. Rev is hiding the letter and the emails is received from his very violent biological father. Meeting up and growing their friendships is going to help them face lots of things…

I really loved this story and I can’t wait to read more novels written by Brigid Kemmerer. I honestly couldn’t stop reading this novel, because I just wanted to know what was going to happen and the two characters are so lovely, you just want to protect them at all cost. It’s a novel full of revelations and actions until the end.

Monday’s Not Coming was on my TBR for ages, and I was so surprised when I read it! I wasn’t expecting this at all. Claudia is trying to find the reason why her best friend, Monday, disappeared and why no one seems to care about it. I honestly can’t say more than that because I don’t want to give any spoilers. But wow, I wasn’t expecting this at all. The plot, the revelations, I was mind blown by everything.

Honestly read it, I would highly recommend it! If you like YA thriller, mysteries, crazy and unexpected plot twists, this one is perfect for you.

Another one that has been on my TBR for a while – Broken Things. This is the story of three best friends who always enjoyed pretending to be in the world of their favourite book, until it came true and one of the girl was killed. But years later, they want to know the truth. They know they did not kill her, so who did ?

I am not gonna lie, if it had been picked from my book jar I don’t think I would have read this one for ages. I’ve seen it so much on bookstagram that I was scared to have too many expectations. I enjoyed it, the whole mystery and the revelations. I wouldn’t read it again, but it was good and I would recommend it.

Morgane. x


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