[Quick Reviews] Running With Lions – Julian Winters, The After Life of Holly Chase – Cynthia Hand, UnPregnant – Jenni Hendricks & Ted Caplan

I don’t know how long I’ve had Running With Lions on my TBR for, but when I picked it I was super excited to read it. Unfortunately I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would, or wanted.

Sebastian goes to a summer camp with his coach and his team mates, everything is going well in his life until the day Emir comes back in it.

It took me a while to get in the story even though I really liked the characters (Sebastian, Mason, Willie, Emir, …) and how the LGBTQ+ community was represented etc! It had a good pitch, and an interesting story so I don’t know what did not work for me…. Anyway so I struggled a bit to read it as I was a bit bored and in the end I really enjoyed the last 10 chapters!

I’d still recommend to read it as it was a cute love story and even though I did not 100% enjoyed it, well maybe anyone else might love it!

Three ghosts visited Holly on a Christmas Eve, they tried to show her that she had to change her life. But she did not believe them and she died. Then she became the ghost of the past in a secret Scrooge Society. The year she has to work on Ethan’s case, everything changes for her.

At first I wasn’t too into the story of The After Life of Holly Chase but then I got really into it and really enjoyed the story of Holly and Ethan. A very beautiful novel about friendship, acceptance, kindness and more. I wasn’t expecting this ending but it was perfect!

I really wanted to read UnPregnant before watching the movie. Veronica founds out she is pregnant in her school toilet, and Bailey, her ex-best friend, is here too. She can’t keep this baby, she is not ready. She then founds out that her boyfriend planned it all. When Veronica decides to get an abortion she founds out she has to go on a massive road trip to another state in order to be able to have an abortion without her parents finding out, and she asks the only person who knows to join her: Bailey. She can’t let her best friends know that she is pregnant.

This is was a crazy road trip! Crazy stuff happens in this crazy story. I was scared that it was gonna be hard to read because it is about an abortion, but the authors managed to write a whole story around it with crazy plot twists.

I read it quite a while ago now, and thinking about it I really don’t know how I truly felt about this read.

TW: abortion, they mention miscarriages!

Morgane. x


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