[Chit-Chat] I failed my NaNoWriMo… again (April 2021)

If you want to know more about what was my project, my goal and what’s the Camp NaNo, you can find my post – here.

So well as you can tell, my goal was to write 25K in a month, but I actually wrote 4758 words in a week.

April hasn’t been a very easy month, loads happen and I won’t talk about what happened but my mental health wasn’t the best so I couldn’t focus. This project is fully written in my head, so I did not want to force myself to write, just for the challenge and to reach the goal. I just wanted to do it for fun, I failed it and that’s okay. I’ll start writing again when I’ll feel better and when I’ll feel ready to go back to this project.

I don’t have much to say, but as I shared about doing the camp NaNo I still wanted to update you guys on it.

Let me know how your camp NaNo went !

Morgane. x


  1. I didn’t do Camp NaNo, but kudos to you for knowing when to take a step back and take care of yourself! The story will still be in your head when you’re ready to write it down

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