[Book Tag] Nope Trope Book Tag

I was tagged by Literary Leisha, this book tag was originally created by Zoe’s All Booked.

1. Eavesdropping with miscommunication –

Name a book you heard great things about and expected to love but ended up hating.

Unfortunately, I expected to love Red, White & Royal Blue after hearing so many great things about it, but it did not work for me. (Review)

2. Love Triangles –

Name a series where you can’t pick your favourite book.

I read them ages ago, but I can’t choose one favourite from The Illuminae Files trilogy!

3. Not Like Other Girls/Didn’t Know I’m Beautiful –

Name a book that has a pretty cover but was boring as all hell.

The cover was actually the reason why I wanted to read this one … and it was boring … (Review)

4. All-Consuming Love –

Name a book that gave you a book hangover

I’ve recently had a TV show hangover with On My Block, but I don’t think I’ve experienced a book hangover in a while. The last one I can think of was The Raven Wheel by A.F. Stone. That one broke me. (Review)

5. Douchebag Boyfriend –

Name a book that took you a while to get into, but you ended up loving.

If you know you might be surprised, but I can remember that from my first time reading Infinity Son by Adam Silvera it took me some time before I really got into it, but I ended up loving it! When I re-read it, I had no problem to get into it straight away though!

6. Tell us your favourite or least favourite trope!

Okay so one of my favourite trope is the forbidden love like for example when step brothers/sisters fall in love but their family are not accepting it (Like in DIMILY!) but only if they are non-blood related, so I guess that my least favourite would be incest. I don’t get that … really…

Another trope I love is enemies to lovers!

I’m tagging anyone that would like to do this tag.

Morgane. x


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