[Review] Julie and The Phantoms: The Edge of Great – Micol Ostow

If you haven’t read my post about Julie and The Phantoms being one of my comfort show, well here‘s the link.

Learn how Julie and the Phantoms bring their rock-and-roll dreams to life in this novel based on season one of the new Netflix show!
Season one novelization

After the passing of her mom, Julie has lost her passion for music and is on the verge of being kicked out of her performing arts high school. That is, until she makes the ultimate comeback with her new band, Julie and the Phantoms. There’s only one catch: all of her bandmates are ghosts.

Back in the 1990s, Luke, Reggie, and Alex were on the cusp of rock stardom with their band, Sunset Curve, before an unfortunate encounter with Los Angeles street food brought their rock band dreams-and lives-to an end. Now, with Julie as their lead singer, the guys have a second chance to make it big and to help Julie discover the real power of music.

This novel based on season one of the hit Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms is told in alternating points of view and includes a full-color photo insert and exclusive story content not seen on the show!

So if you’ve read my previous post about JATP you already know how much I love this show, and you can imagine how excited I was about the book! Well, I was very disappointed (and it hurts to write this).

It was my first time reading one of this author’s novel, and I was not convinced by her writing … There is “exclusive story content” promised, and okay there are some little details and point of view added but I was expecting way more than that, like what was added wasn’t very useful or adding much to the story. I was very disappointed at how many scenes were either way missing or rushed … Like the scene of “Unsaid Emily” for example or the one for “Perfect Harmony”! The ending was so …. uuuh I have no words. Minus the fact that the “Stand Tall” and garage scene were rushed as well, where was the actual final scene ? It disappeared, vanished.

It was easy and cute to read, and very comforting to be with the characters again but I definitely preferred the show. This book is not doing any justice to the show, and that’s very sad.

On the 5th of August, a second book called “Julie and The Phantoms: Whatever Happens” written by Candice Buford will be released, it’s an original novel. Link here.

I hope it will be better than this one, and of course I pre-ordered it because… well… it’s JATP!

2/5 ⭐️

Morgane. x


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