[Blog Tour] In Just One Day – Helen McGinn

This my stop for one incredible blog tour! I’m so excited to be able to talk to you about In Just One Day by Helen McGinn as I loved this novel.

Flora has always adored her brother Billy. Born just eighteen months apart, their childhood was spent like two peas in a pod – no one could separate them. Now, as adults, they remain the best of friends. And as Flora is immersed in family life, Billy is always there to lend a hand. 

But, in just one day, everything changes.

In just one day, Flora’s life falls apart.

In just one day, Flora has to learn how to live again.

From the nostalgia of seaside Britain to the breath-taking beauty of Venice, in tears and laughter, join Helen McGinn for this emotional, uplifting and joyful story about love in all its guises. But above all, this is an unforgettable story of one little girl and the brother she adores.

First of all, can we take two seconds to look at this cover please – it’s stunning! I would be a liar if I said the cover is not the reason why I signed up for this book! Stunning, really!

This is a novel about family, secrets, death, grief, acceptance, forgiveness, dreams, etc. Flora is a very strong character, she has dreams, she has objectives in her life and she would do anything to pursue them. Get ready to get your heart broken, I can’t describe what I felt but my heart felt very heavy when I was reading this novel, I felt so involved and as if I knew the characters personnally. So much happens, and still it feels so real and not overwhelming, if you know what I mean. Like, there are lots of twists but the author managed them all perfectly.

There are more than one point of views, but that’s what I liked because we got to meet some characters that are not one of the main characters but still very relevant and important in the story and for the plot.

Also, if you are a wine lovers – this book is for you, because many wines are mentioned!

Author Bio – 

Helen McGinn is a much-loved wine expert on TV and in print and an international wine judge. She spent ten years as a supermarket buyer sourcing wines around the world before setting up her award-winning blog (and now best-selling wine book) The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club. She is the drinks writer for the Daily Mail and regularly appears on TV’s Saturday Kitchen and This Morning. Helen lives in the New Forest and Boldwood are publishing her debut women’s fiction title in Spring 2021.

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You can buy this book – here.

4/5 ⭐️

Morgane. x


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