[Chit-Chat] It’s been six years !

Six years ago today, I could have never imagined that once I’d be landing in Wales I’d live one of the best experience ever, and that so much positive things would happen to me thanks to this experience.

Since I was a kid I’ve always told my family I would live abroad in the future (I would always say London, now that I’ve been in London I know that I could have never lived there. As much as I love London, well it’s way too big and crowded for me.) and also that I would do my study abroad. Unfortunately going abroad for your study is super expensive, but while searching online for it I found out about this opportunity to work abroad while being able to live in a family, and after many researches that’s when I decided that I wanted to become an au pair. Obviously I had to wait until I had my baccalaureate to be able to go, so I waited for few years.

In November 2014, during the school year when I was meant to pass my baccalaureate I spent over 5 months in the hospital. The doctors there told me I could never pass it, or be an au pair. I wanted to prove them wrong, and I did. I left the hospital mid-April 2015, found my au pair family at the end of May (if I can remember correctly), passed my baccalaureate in June, got my result in July and then in August I was gone to Wales.

Being an au pair, was not always easy. There were days when I was so homesick and missing my family so much, and it would be so hard. I was so grateful for FaceTime to exist, but also for having such amazing people in my life, there too.

Sometimes it was hard because even though the family was very welcoming and making me feel like I was a full member of their family, there were moments when I had to remind the children I was looking after that I was there for them and to help their parents, but NOT to replace any members of their family. I was just there as an extra person to help not to replace anyone, it took time but we got there. I have so many amazing memories that I will cherish forever.

I was an au pair for two children, as I said before, I had to take the little girl to school and pick her up, cook and bake for them, take them to their activities (they were loads: swimming lessons, piano – at home so that was easy-, drama, brownie, ballet – I think I took the little girl just once with her mum as it was on Saturday morning; very busy kids but they seem to love it), I had to go to the green grocer when needed, do the laundry (for the children and mine, only), change the kids bedding when needed, sometimes for piano and swimming I had the little girl’s best friend to look after as well, oh and sometimes I had to walk the dog (a beautiful Dalmatian puppy) but it was really rare and after a while because the family adopted this puppy just before I left (I think around august 2016, I’m not too sure – and I left in November 2016). My weekends were free, but sometime I would babysit on saturday night (rarely).

Anyway, it was a great experience. I had plenty of free time, amazing memories (I’ve done so much with my host family, and they even took me with them to Venice which was amazing and one of my favourite trip ever, I wish I could go back!), I met so many amazing people that I’m still in contact with or no longer in contact with but it doesn’t matter they still mean a lot to me. I’ve met one of my best friend, Laura if you read this, I miss you my Evil Twin (we were like 24/24 7/7 together just so you know). I’ve met so maaaaany amazing person, for real. And of course I’ve met my partner, so I can only be grateful for this experience. (Now we have two beautiful babies !!)

Fun fact: When I applied on the website to become an au pair, London was the place I wanted to go to. But because I wanted to give myself more chances to find a family I had picked many destinations such as – UK, Spain, Italy, Canada. I talked with so many family from Spain, that would ask me to skype and when I’d say yes they would never answer back. My host family were the first one from the UK to actually answer me (I’m pretty sure I was the one who messaged them first), we messaged on the website then through e-mails, we Skyped and then the next day they asked to skype with my parents and then they said they would be happy to welcome me and I was so excited, I couldn’t believe it.

I’m not going to say more about my au pair experience because I’m planning to post more about this experience in future posts, but I can’t believe it’s been SIX years. Time flies waaaaaaay too fast. It was a beautiful experience, and i’m so grateful I got to experience it. I wish it had ended differently (but you know … mental health sucks), but I’m so pleased I got to stay in contact with my host family and even got to see them again few years later (Dec 2018) when we last went to Wales with our son.

I got to discover a place that I fell in love with, Wales and I’d no anything to go back.

This photo was taken on the plane on my way to Wales, six years ago. August 31st, 2015.

Morgane. x


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