[Music] Years and Years is coming back with a third album – Night Call! 🔮🧜🏻‍♂️

I’m so excited to write this post but this is it, we’re going to get a third Years and Years album!!! Oh my god !

Last night, 27th of September, I had the chance to be part of the “Night Call” zoom meeting with Olly Alexander and I couldn’t believe it when I received the email! I was so so excited but also so anxious because I had no idea what was going to happen! And I’m so so shy so I was like “omg imagine I have to speak and I can’t” yeah well I did not have to, but I was listening carefully and couldn’t stop smiling.

During this “Night Call” we were lucky to be announced the released date and the name of the new album by Olly himself!

And now we can share it with you too because Olly announced it this morning on his social media as well as the cover and the link to pre order the album, which is available since 5pm (UK time). We also got the new single and its music video today at 5pm! We are so lucky! It’s so exciting.

The new album “Night Call” will be released on January 07th, 2022. You can pre-order it – Here (official website).

Photo found on Facebook page “Years and Years”.

This cover is stunning, as always ! Look at him! I’m so excited to hear the new songs!

“🌙🧜🏻‍♂️NIGHT CALL🌒✨ – let me take you far away 🌊🎶 my new album is out on the 7th January 🌘 I’m so happy this moment has finally come! Night Call has been my escape for the past couple of years, I put all my frustration, loneliness, hope, horniness, grief and optimism into making a really fun record I could dance to, I’m so excited to put this out and share it with you all 🥺 💜 pre-order the album, listen to CRAVE and watch the video, all from 5pm BST TODAY x https://YearsandYears.lnk.to/nightcallalbumSo

Olly Alexander on his Facebook page, announcing his new album and more.

And you should definitely go check the new music and the music video: CRAVE !

The visuals/decors, the outfits, make-up, the song omg 100% love it ! It’s definitely Olly! I’m wondering if it’s we’re gonna get a kind of short movie again, like we had with the music videos for the singles from the second album Palo Santo. Because this could work ! We need more Olly, but I’m saying no to the snakes …

I’m so so so excited for this new album, and the future tour because I miss Olly so much and he’s so so amazing and talented and you can tell that he’s so happy when on stage!

Here’s a photo from the “Night Call” zoom from last night, I was a bit lost with the app but I managed to get a photo yeah! Next time I want to meet him for real!

This photo belongs to me. look at this cutie aw 🥰

And if you’ve never heard of Years & Years you should definitely go check out the two first album “Communion” and “Palo Santo” which are two albums from the original band – Olly, Emre and Mikey! If you don’t know the band “split up” and it’s now only Olly.

What’s your favourite Years and Years song ?

It’s so hard for me to answer but I’d say Eyes Shut, Don’t Panic, Without, Karma, Preacher and Ties. What? Don’t judge me I said it’s hard to answer – I wasn’t lying…

Morgane. x

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