[Wrap-Up] September 2021.

I wrote a post about a TBR list to read in September. You can find this post: here. I’ve read two out of the nine books from my TBR (02/09) … oopsie. I also started two books from that TBR, so maybe they will make it to the wrap-up post for the month of October. Those two books I’ve started are Firefly Lane (can’t believe i’m saying this … but yes, this tiny font is ruining it for me) and Six of Crows 1.

All the links with a * are affiliate links, using my links doesn’t mean you will pay more but I will get a %. Thank you, if you use my links.

  • The Raven Heir – Stephanie Burgis (3.5⭐️)

A great middle grade fantasy, you can find my review here.

Amazon UK* / Amazon FR*

  • Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating – Adiba Jaigirdar (4⭐️)

Very great story. Couldn’t believe how much I wanted to slap some of the characters who were so so so rude! And even ‘rude’ doesn’t feel strong enough to describe those characters. (Rep: Bi, Lesbian, Muslim, Bengali) (TW: Homophobia – biphobia, lesbophobia, Islamophobia, toxic friendship, gaslighting, parental abandonment, racism. The TWs are mentioned at the beginning of the book!)

Amazon UK* / Amazon FR*

  • Paranoïa (Tome 1) – Melissa Bellevigne (4⭐️)

(French book) Une histoire très addictive, je me suis plongée dedans et je me suis très vite attachée aux personnages de Judy et Alwyn ainsi qu’à celui de Lisa. Cette fin me donne très envie de découvrir la suite, j’ai très hâte de m’y plonger.

Amazon FR*

  • Good Girl, Bad Blood (Book 2) – Holly Jackson (5⭐️)

I loved the first book, and I was so happy to be back with Pip and Ravi. And I was not disappointed by the plot twists and this new mystery! Highly recommending those books. I already started the third book, I couldn’t wait.

Amazon UK* / Amazon FR* (VF)

Here’s a link for the first book: Amazon UK* / Amazon FR* (VF) and a link to the box set for the three books: Amazon UK* , book 3 on it’s own: Amazon FR*


Have you got any on your TBR ? Or have you read any of those books, too ?

Morgane. x

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