[Wrap-Up] October and November 2021.

Of course I’m late for a wrap up, but I did not realize I was *that* late… so that’s the reason why I decided to do two months in one post.

October was a crazy month at home and I did not have much energy to read. I read the last book in the trilogy written by Holly Jackson “As Good As Dead” and I was NOT disappointed! I took part in a blog tour for a graphic novel which I really enjoy, you can find my review for “Passport” by Sophia Glock on the blog. I reviewed on Netgalley “Argyle Fox” which is a cute story to read with children. The illustrations are beautiful.

My first read of November “The Year I Stopped Trying” by Katie Heaney which I review on the blog as part of a blog tour. (Review) Then I read “These Hollow Vows” (book 1) by Lexi Ryan which I had never heard of before I join a book club that was reading it, very surprisingly I ended up loving the story, the characters and the plot and I can’t wait for the second book to come out in the next few months. As part of another blog Tour, I read and reviewed on the blog “Toni’s Blind Date” by Rosie Dean (review) which I enjoyed. The last book I read was the poetry written by Lili Reinhart “Swimming Lessons” I heard a lot about it and even though poetry is not really my thing I was very curious to discover it too. It was beautiful but definitely not my thing.

Morgane. x

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