[Blog Tour] The Words We Keep – Erin Stewart

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Publishing Date: March 15, 2022

Thank you TBR and Beyond Tours for sending me a free e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

TWs/CWs: self harm, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, attempt of suicide, depression, bullying, cyber bullying,

A beautifully realistic, relatable story about mental health and the healing powers of art–perfect for fans of Girl in Pieces and How it Feels to Float.

It’s been three months since The Night on the Bathroom Floor–when Lily found her older sister Alice hurting herself. Ever since then, Lily has been desperately trying to keep things together, for herself and for her family. But now Alice is coming home from her treatment program and it is becoming harder for Lily to ignore all of the feelings she’s been trying to outrun.

Enter Micah, a new student at school with a past of his own. He was in treatment with Alice and seems determined to get Lily to process not only Alice’s experience, but her own. Because Lily has secrets, too. Compulsions she can’t seem to let go of and thoughts she can’t drown out.

When Lily and Micah embark on an art project for school involving finding poetry in unexpected places, she realizes that it’s the words she’s been swallowing that desperately want to break through.

Happy release day to this heartbreaking, stunning and honest book about mental health. I did not love this book as soon as I started it. Firstly, it’s very very triggering so be aware of the TWs/CWs if you are planning on reading it. Secondly, it took me a while to get in the story but once I was in it and really attached to the character and really felt involved in the story- I absolutely loved it.

Lily and Micah starts their friendship over a project for school even though Lily is not very happy about it at first because Micah knows about her sister Alice, as they went to the same clinic. Lily is hurting and the author’s writing is absolutely stunning because it felt so so real that most of the time I was forgetting I was reading a book- it felt so so real. I cried a lot- I’m not gonna lie. Mental Health is not glamorised in this novel and that’s what we need. It’s raw, hard, but so real and so honest.

I loved all the characters, all the things around arts (poems, websites, drawing, etc) to show that art can help you express yourselves. I also loved the way the author showed that people can definitely hide their pain, and feel alone even when they are not. 100% real.

Please read this novel if you are able to. 100% worth it, just keep in mind that it might take you some chapters before you truly get in the story. (It also might not.)

Erin Stewart is the author of SCARS LIKE WINGS, her debut novel. Erin is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern and a BYU undergraduate who works as a freelance writer and editor, as well as a weekly columnist in Salt Lake City.

Erin lives in Utah with her husband and three children. She is represented by the amazing Rebecca Sherman of Writers House.

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