[TV Shows and Movie] Four TV shows and movie to binge watch.

I haven’t been very active this month but decided to just randomly post about some TV shows I’ve watched recently or like last month I can’t remember and a movie. I’m not a movie person, I prefer watching TV shows because they last longer and I love being able to get attached to the characters, the stories etc (and then it breaks my heart to say goodbye..)

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I think it came out at the end of January and I’m pretty sure I watched it in February but I’m not sure and it doesn’t matter anyway but I loved All of Us are Dead! Absolutely loved this Korean horror/apocalyptic tv show.

The show is based on a Webtoon called “Now at our school” and it takes place in Hyosan, mainly in the high school but there are other places we see during the show.

This one teacher has started a virus and after one of the student is bitten by a rat who was part of the experiment the virus starts spreading and everyone is turning into zombies. A few students manages to escape and stay together but they still have to fight for their life and their safety as they are still stuck in the school.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this show that much but I really got attached to the characters and I really wanted to know what was going to happen next, who was going to survie or die(…), and also to know more about this virus because I don’t want to give away any spoilers but some zombies are different than others.

I’m really hoping that we will get a season 2, after the massive cliffhanger at the end…

You can watch this show on Netflix!

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Now this second show is on Amazon Prime and it’s so addictive! A psychological thriller that came out last summer which is called Cruel Summer!

Kate Wallis disappear and when she is found alive she tells on TV that Jeannette could have saved her long ago as she knew where she was but she preferred to steal her life.

Each episodes are focused on either Jeannette or Kate in three different years (1993,1994,1995) and it’s super addictive because you get to learn more about before during and after the abduction happened. You see the two girls growing in different ways.

During every episodes you’re just going to believe anything and everything and make assumptions and right until the end the show will just play with your head (it’s a psychological thriller so obviously) and honestly I did not see the big twist coming at all.

If you love watching or reading thriller this one is for you!

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We watched Turning Red on Disney+ and once again I loved it! It was so easy to watch and so cute.

Mei Mei and her friends are big fangirls and we live for that. Also the period representation was perfect! Yes for the destigmatisation of period and sanitary products.

So after an event happened, Mei Mei wakes up as a big red panda and she doesn’t know what to do. She realises that when she calms down the panda disappears and when she’s mad or excited the panda comes back. When her mother explains what is happening to her Mei Mei learns to control it on her own and make it a force.

This new Pixar movie is beautiful and teaches so many lessons. Mei Mei learns to be independent after years of only following whatever her mother would want her to do. She learns to love what she wants to love and to become her true self. Another one is to surround yourself with people who would bring positivity and support in your life.

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Now I’ve started watching Upload on Amazon Prime I’ve only watched a few episodes of season one but I’m really enjoying this story set in the future (2033 if I can remember right) where rich people’ bodies can be uploaded in the place they want to live their afterlife as avatar who can still be in connexion with the living. It’s super fucked up (sorry for the language) but I love Nora and Nathan’s characters. And I want to know more about what happened to Nathan.

What are you watching?

Morgane. x

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