[Review] You’d Be Home Now – Kathleen Glasgow

TW/CWs: mental health, addiction, overdose, death, accident, grief, …

For all of Emory’s life she’s been told who she is. In town she’s the rich one–the great-great-granddaughter of the mill’s founder. At school she’s hot Maddie Ward’s younger sister. And at home, she’s the good one, her stoner older brother Joey’s babysitter. Everything was turned on its head, though, when she and Joey were in the car accident that killed Candy MontClaire. The car accident that revealed just how bad Joey’s drug habit was.

Four months later, Emmy’s junior year is starting, Joey is home from rehab, and the entire town of Mill Haven is still reeling from the accident. Everyone’s telling Emmy who she is, but so much has changed, how can she be the same person? Or was she ever that person at all?

Mill Haven wants everyone to live one story, but Emmy’s beginning to see that people are more than they appear. Her brother, who might not be “cured,” the popular guy who lives next door, and most of all, many “ghostie” addicts who haunt the edges of the town. People spend so much time telling her who she is–it might be time to decide for herself.

A journey of one sister, one brother, one family, to finally recognize and love each other for who they are, not who they are supposed to be, You’d Be Home Now is Kathleen Glasgow’s glorious and heartbreaking story about the opioid crisis, and how it touches all of us.

Emory is the perfect daughter, She does everything she’s told. When she gets in a car with Joey, her brother, his friend and another girl she has no idea that her life is about to change. Emory has no idea that her brother has been doing drugs and he is currently overdosing… and then there’s the cat crash. She’s in the hospital. Her brother in rehab, the friend is locked up, and the girl is dead…
Her life is about to change completely…

This book absolutely broke me. It was so hard to put it down, it felt like the characters were real and they were my friends. I cried so much while reading it, and when it was over I just wanted to hug Emory and Joey. I just didn’t want to let go of them. I wanted to know what was going to happen to them next…
The topics are very difficult, so be aware of the TW/CWs before you read it- but all the awareness around mental health and addiction/drug use is very well done. I don’t want to give any spoilers but it was beautiful how the author brought up the subject to try and help people who use drugs and are homeless to make sure they are “safe” in a way… and helped and looked after and NOT shamed.

5/5 ⭐️ + ❤️

Morgane. x

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