[Wrap Up] March and April 2022 (yes, I’m late)

Who am I if I’m not late to post a wrap up?

March was a very difficult month for so many reasons. I was only in a mood for sad books really and then I went into a huge reading slump and had to force myself to read to not fall behind on my blog tour. The good thing is I discovered Kathleen Glasgow and now I have a new favourite book “You’d Be Home Now”.

• March:

“You’d Be Home Now” – Kathleen Glasgow

“How To Make Friends With The Dark” – Kathleen Glasgow

“The Inerithancs of Orquídea Divina” – Zoraida Córdova

“Year On Fire” – Julie Buxbaum

Let’s move on to April, now. April was a super busy month, which explained why I barely read anything. It was our first time going back to the UK since December 2018 and it was so amazing to go back on holidays + to go back to the UK.

“Girl Overboard” – Sandra Block (Review)

I’ve decided to write this wrap up a bit differently than the others because I was very late posting them. I will make sure to go back to my normal wrap up for the May one.

Morgane. x

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