[Tv Show/Book] The Summer I Turned Pretty- Jenny Han.

The Summer I Turned Pretty – Jenny Han (Trilogy) (Tv Show: on prime)

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a serie I wanted to read for ages. I’ve only read the first book few weeks ago and unfortunately I wasn’t such a big fan. I enjoyed it, I loved the story but I did not love it as much as I expected to.

However I fell absolutely in love with the show. The whole cast is pure talent and so insanely perfect. I learned to love each and every characters. I don’t have enough words to say how much I loved the adaptation.

What can I say? It’s definitely a new comfort show. I laughed, I cried, I fell in love, my heart broke, etc etc. I’ve felt so many different feelings all through the episodes. The actors are so talented and perfect. I can’t even pick a team… One second I’m team Jeremiah, the next I’m team Conrad, the next next one I’m team Cam Cameron. Hard! (I’m team Jeremiah really! Also those eyes!!!)

Each and every characters are amazing and hold such an important place in the story- and I feel like you can get more attached to each characters in the show rather than in the book. For example, Steven is such a better character in the show. In the book he just goes away, whereas in the show he’s here the whole summer so we get to meet him correctly.

Also can we talk about the landscapes? The house? The outfits? Everything?! Absolutely stunning! Oh and the soundtrack- fabulous!

There are so much things I want to say, but I’m finding it very hard to collect my thoughts and write something- beautiful, real, honest, coherent right now. There’s so much to say, so I’ll just end this post by saying-

Thank you Jenny Han, the cast and everyone who made this show so beautiful.

I’ve cried so so much, but I also smiled and laughed a lot. I’m ready to watch it all over again (and again) very very soon. And if you haven’t watched it yet (or read it, if you prefer) then… what are you waiting for?

5/5⭐️ + ❤️

Morgane. x

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