[Review] Hope: my inspirational life – Tom Parker

Hope: my inspirational life – Tom Parker

Non fiction.

Tom Parker had it all. A beautiful wife, a chart-topping pop career, a baby on the way… And then one November morning, he passed out, and woke up in hospital. A diagnosis for stage IV brain cancer followed. A diagnosis which did not give him long to live. And yet, two years on, he is still here. This book will tell his story, from his working class beginnings in Bolton and his rise to meteoric, chart-topping fame with The Wanted to his cancer diagnosis and search for a cure through both chemotherapy and alternative methods. In this inspirational memoir, Tom will show how having faith in hope and daring to dream means you can carry on, against all the odds.

You don’t need to be a fan of Tom Parker or The Wanted to read this book.

I highly recommend anyone to read it as Tom shares with us how he find hope in every difficult situation even when it was difficult to.

Thomas Parker, member of The Wanted, husband to Kelsey Parker, Dad to Aurelia and Bodhi, son and brother- tells us all about his journey from his early years until he became part of The Wanted and then to the difficult times that led to his diagnosis of a stage IV brain tumour. An inoperable tumour that he fought against while sharing a awareness and raising money for charities.

It’s a rollercoaster. You’ll smile, laugh, cry and end up seeing life a different way after reading this book.

While reading it, it felt like Tom was next to me reading it out loud. It was beautiful.

(No rating)

An open letter to Tom Parker.

Morgane. x

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