Four places we visited in Wales in July 2022.

We’re spending a month in Wales, as I’m writing this we have a whole week left there. We’re staying in South Wales and if you know me you know how much I love Wales. I’ve always wanted to write posts about different topics and travels and all but I never really know where to start- so I thought why not share four places we’ve been to during this month.

All the photos used in this post are mine.

Get your passport ready, and let’s virtually fly together to Wales!

01. Barry Island

One of my favourite place to go is Barry Island. This place is amazing with the beach, the nice walking path and the arcades. You can spend so many hours there and you’ll always have a great time.

02. Ogmore Beach

It was the very first time for me there. Such a lovely place! The beach is so beautiful, and the area as well with all the amazing houses! We saw sheeps on the side of the road and lots of horses. We also stopped at the Castle, or what’s left of it really.

03. Castell Coch

Another lovely place to visit, Castell Coch! Be aware of the very narrow stairs (obviously) which can be difficult with young children but it’s a very nice place to visit.

04. Techniquest and Cardiff Bay

I love Cardiff Bay, so this is definitely a place I recommend to visit. And if you stop there you should definitely go to Techniquest which is a super fun place for children and adults about all kind of sciences. Very amazing. And then you can just enjoy some time down the Bay.

Morgane. x



  1. Wales is sooooo beautiful! I haven’t traveled there for a very long time. Reading your post makes me want to travel to Wales again. Thank you for sharing.


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