[Blog Tour] The Daredevils – Rob Buyea

The Daredevils – Rob Buyea

Middle Grade Contemporary

Happy release day to Rob Buyea for his middle grade novel “The Daredevils” thank you TBR and Beyond Tours for sending me an e-arc in exchange for my honest opinion.

Readers on the cusp of adolescence will find much to love in this middle grade novel from the author of the beloved MR. TERUPT series that follows three kids who come to realize that letting go of childhood means boldly taking risks to face the future while learning from the past.

Loretta and her twin brother, Waylon, are headed to middle school. Loretta has always been quick with her fists and her wits. Since Waylon is on the small side, Loretta doesn’t let anyone mess with him. But now she worries he won’t survive without her by his side. Her secret plan: bulk him up with muscle over the summer. Little does she know that Waylon has a plan of his own. He’ll show his sister he can take care of himself.

As each puts their strategy in motion, Loretta and Waylon spend the summer going into the woods behind their house, even sneaking there in the dead of night. That’s where they first encounter Louie, who is about their age but noticeably bigger. Louie is homeschooled, he explains when Loretta gives him the third degree. Loretta, Waylon, and Louie soon fall into a comfortable friendship and continue their nightly forest adventures. When they unearth a mysterious box, the past collides with the present, propelling the trio on a quest that will forever change their lives.

Rob Buyea’s spirited dual narrative drives this funny, touching brother-sister story, where even the best-laid plans sometimes backfire and feelings may get bruised, but family and friends always count. Letting go of childhood means boldly taking risks to face the future while learning from the past.

I absolutely enjoyed this middle grade novel and devoured it in only a few hours. If you’re looking for recommendations for novels for young readers this one will be a perfect fit.

This is such a great book to read- full of suspense and twist. It gives some fantasy vibes, but in the real world, with the adventure in the forest and all the suspense around the quests and Louie’s family.

The twists and revelations were great and I truly had a great time reading the story of the twins and Louis. I adored the ending as well. It was really good.

Definitely a great read if you’re looking for a novel for a young reader or if you need an easy and fast paced story.

4/5 ⭐️

Morgane. x


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