Saying goodbye, 06 years later…

I started my blogging journey in August 2016, after reading Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I remember reading it in a few hours and after that just looking to see if other people read it and what they thought about it. That’s when I started my first blog. Over 06 years ago.

This year, I should be celebrating 07 years of blogging and 04 years of this blog. I started this blog in August 2019, after wanting to share more of my reviews in English (my first blog was mainly in French) as I was reading in English more than in French and I felt like it was hard to connect with other readers. Starting this new blog and going back to my bookstagram account was one of the best decision I’ve ever taken. I’ve met so many incredible persons, so many amazing authors, discovered so many great books,…

After thinking about it for a while, I’ve realised that blogging is not making me as happy as it use to. So with a heavy heart, I’m saying goodbye to 06 years of my life. Again.

Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting my blog, reading my posts. All the authors who trusted me with sending me their books to reviews, all the great blog tours opportunities I got. I’m very thankful for everything my blog gave me, but I have fo prioritise my children and my mental health now.

Who knows maybe- I’m saying goodbye now but maybe in a few months or years I’ll find my way back to the blog. No one knows what the future as in store for any of us.

I’ll still be active on my bookstagram account (@BookMeSomeTime) and I’ll still share some things on my Facebook page (Book Me Some Time) and my crochet page will still be active as well (@Crochet_Morgane).

Take care of yourself,

Morgane. x


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