Who Am I ?

I’m so excited to finally share my new blog with you all!

Oh god sorry I meant, hello guys! Welcome on my blog!

Let me introduce myself, I am Morgane and I am French. I’ve been a massive bookworm since I was really young. In my family everyone loves reading so I’ve always been surrounded by books and it’s awesome.

I was born in November 1996. I’m a mom- I have a little boy who was born in July 2018 and a little girl who was born in October 2019.

Back in August 2015, I moved to Wales to become an au pair and I fell in love with this amazing country I wish I never had to leave but I had to move back to France in February 2018.

I’m hoping to become a translator, one day.

All you have to know or remember (or not) is that I am a massive bookworm, I love being a mum so much, I’m obsessed with foxes, I became a crochet lover since July ’19 (I even got blisters from doing crochet! HOW ?!?!) and I am a massive Adam Silvera’s fan! He is my absolute favorite author and I talk a lot about him! (Also on the photo- the books I am holding are his books! French and English versions I own but I have more now so I need to update it! Ahah) I love photography as well, and my babies are massive posers which is amazing (I taught them well yeahhhh).

I read Young Adult, Romance, Sci-fi, Fantasy, but I’m really open-minded so I like discovering new books (just not thriller and police book because I’m too anxious and it makes me paranoid and I just can’t read them.) Also I’m very sorry if there are mistakes or if i don’t make sense sometimes, just feel free to correct me as it’s the best way to learn!

This blog is about books, lifestyle, mum life, mental health, student life etc…

You can find me on my social media:

Twitter: BookMeSomeTime

Instagram: BookMeSomeTime

My first book blog (in French): ReadWithMahogany

I hope you will enjoy this new journey with me, and you will like my posts.

My email: BookMeSomeTime@outlook.fr

Wishing you the best,

Morgane! x