[Advent Calendar] December 08th, 2020 – Day 8. 🎅🏻

I’ve been sharing with you about movies and books, but I haven’t shared about music yet! But I don’t like Christmas songs … (I know I know …), so here are some of the song I’ve been listening to (the most!) lately! (It’s only a few, it was hard to pick just some to be honest and not to do a playlist of over 200 songs!)

My playlist

I made a Spotify plalist especially for this post, because I don’t use Spotify at all (so it was a nightmare because I couldn’t remember how to use it, to be honest…)

Just in case the thingy doesn’t work here’s the link.

There are definitely way mooooore musics to add to it!

Do we have any songs in common ?

Morgane. x

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