[Monthly Wrap-Up] February 2019.

In February I started my journey into ‘DNF’ing books …. Before, I used to force myself into finishing the books I was reading but from February I started ‘DNF’ing because I think I have the right to decide that the book I picked is not corresponding to my actual mood or that (and it’s okay) I don’t like the book I chose. I’d rather stop reading it and keeping it for another time or decide it’s not a book for me – than forcing myself and not enjoying it anyway! So yeah, you’re gonna see that from this wrap-up I have ‘DNF’ many books this year!

So let’s start with the books I read:

  1. Fandom” – Anna Day (Book 1)

I was so looking forward to read this book, but I was a bit disappointed in the end by the story. I was really expecting loads from this book, I gave it 3 but I think i’ll still read the second book. I read it in French.

2. “The Future of Us” – Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler

I found this book when we went on a weekend to Wales and we went book shopping in Waterstones (I bought so many on this day! oops). I really liked the résumé and thought I would give it a go! I gave it 5 and you should definitely read it!

3. “Aime-moi je te fuis” – Morgane Moncomble (Book 2)

This book! Oh this book! Well I’ve got to say I loved it as much as book 1. Morgane Moncomble is a French author and I hope her books will be translated in English so you all can read it (Don’t get me wrong but I’m quite sure her first book is being published in Germany soon so go read it). I gave it 5 .

4. “Lovely Vicious” – Sara Wolf (Book 3)

I read the whole serie in French, but book 3 was not my favorite. I gave it 4

5. “Silently Falling” – Liz Plum

I’ve seen so many bad reviews about this book, I really enjoyed it and got quite attached to the characters. I gave it 5 and read it in French!

6. “The Wicker King” – K. Ancrum (Book 1)

This book guys! This book …. wow. Crazy! I don’t have enough words to describe this book. Just go read it, honestly! I read the French version and gave it 5 I can’t wait for book 2.

7. “Merci Maîtresse” – Anouk F

It’s a French book written by a teacher. She tells her story as a teacher in a school where many things happened. It’s a real story. It was really different than what I am used to read but I really liked discovering the point of view of the teacher. I gave it 5 .

The books I have ‘DNF’:

  1. Vicious” – V.E. Schwab (Evil, Book 1)

I really like this author, so I think I just picked this book at the wrong time and I will give it another go! It’s the French version that I have in my TBR.

2. “Every Day” – David Levithan (Book 1)

It’s also the French version, but unlike “Vicious” I don’t think I’ll give it another try .. I really couldn’t get into this story ..

Before the end of the month I started reading:

  1. Le blog ou la vie ?” – Sophie de Villenoisy

It will be part of my wrap up from March!

⟼ I read 07 books and DNFed 02.


Morgane. x

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