[Monthly Wrap-Up] January 2019.

As I started my blog only few weeks ago in August, I have never posted ‘monthly wrap-up’ on the blog. At first I wanted to do a full article from January until August but I finally decided that I will update you on the books I read this year with an article for each month. It will be nicer for you to read if it’s not too long.

I did set a goal of books to read for the GoodReads 2019 Reading Challenge. My goal is to read 60 books this year.

I will put the title of the books in English (unless there are French books) but I’ll precise if I read it in French (VF) or in English. I will also post the covers of the book in the version I read so you can discover differents covers versions of the books, because we don’t have the same (sometimes we do) from one country to another. So let’s get started with my wrap-up from January.

  1. 13 Minutes” – Sarah Pinborough

I started 2019 by reading “13 Minutes” in French. I gave it 5 ★.

2. “The Wrath and The Dawn” – Renée Ahdieh (Book 1)

I read this one in English and I loved it so much! And this cover is gorgeous. I gave it 5 ★.

3. “Always and Forever, Lara Jean” – Jenny Han (Book 3)

I was a bit disappointed with this one.. I was really looking forward to read it, but I thought the story went too quickly and I needed more than that. I read it in French and gave it 4 .

4. “Unspeakable” – Abbie Rushton

I loved this book so much and would definitely recommend it! I never heard of it before I went to WH Smith when I was in Cardiff! I paid £3 for this book, and it was the best three pounds I’ve ever spent! I love the cover, and once you read the book you will understand why this cover is gorgeous + meaningful. I read it in English and gave it 5 ★.

5. “Made you up” – Francesca Zappia

I read this one in French, and I was really hoping to enjoy it more than that. I liked it but not as much as “Eliza and Her Monsters“. I still gave it 4 ★ because it was still a good book.

6. “Dear Evan Hansen” – Val Emmich

I could read this book over and over again! I loved it soooooooooo much! I read it in English and gave it 5 ★ but I wish I coud give it 100 stars! I think I will translate my review of this book I posted on my French blog because I loved it so much I just want everyone to read it.

7. “The Memory Book” – Lara Avery

It was a really good book that I read in its French version. I gave it 5 ★.

8. “The Scythe” – Neal Shusterman (Book 1)

I was really scared to discover this book. When it was release in France (I read it in French) everyone was talking about it for such a long time and it was so positive that I was scared to read it and not liking it as much as everyone else. In the end, I was really surprised and I really enjoyed it! I gave it 5 ★ and I can’t wait to read book 2!

⟼ I read a total of 08 books in January.


Are there any books that you also read or that you have in your TBR ?

Morgane. x

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