[Chit-Chat] My crochet journey.

If you are following me on my Instagram you might know that I love crocheting. But I haven’t been crocheting for that long, so here’s how and why I’ve learnt how to crochet.

I remember that when I was a kid I used to crochet with my auntie and my great-grand-mother, I can remember making lots of chains (yes that was it, just chains) and then we would make lots of pompom (you know we’d cut a circle in a piece of cardboard and then another in the middle of this one and then put the yarn all around/over it to then cut the edges to make the pompon! I think that was my favourite thing to make, but that’s not the topic of the day so let’s get back to the main one). So yes, I can’t even say I knew the basics because that’s like less than 1% of it, yeah…

When I was in Wales, my mum tried to go back to knitting but then she switched to crochet because she felt more comfortable doing crochet (we both think crochet is easier, as well, so …!) She made so many things, and when I moved back to France in 2018 (during my first pregnancy) she said “hey let’s make our own Christmas decorations! I’m going to teach you!” so I said – okay, why not. Well I sucked! No no for real, I was really bad (I mean, maybe I’m still bad, but it’s way better ahah) but my mum is definitely super patient because she did not give up. The thing is learning the different types of stitches was not a difficult thing for me at all, I learnt them very quickly. We were crocheting mostly at night, and what I’d do at first was just crocheting stitches at random to practice them – so at night, in my dreams I would crochet! YES! Very dedicated, I was. (That’s just how my brain works, I guess!)

Anyway, as I said my mum was super patient because at first she used to crochet at the same time as me (at the same pace as mine) so I could watch her and make sure I was doing the right thing, and believe me I was slow. Also, I’ve always (until very recently) crocheted super tight (I’m putting all my love in there, you know) whereas my mum is very … relaxed, I guess ? So yeah it would be a nightmare for my mum to help me because with how tight the stitches were, well to find the stitches it was a nightmare. And so yes, recently (and I mean, R.E.C.E.N.T.L.Y …. in August …) I realised that it’s so much nicer when you don’t work so tight. So much easier. My hands are thanking me. (My whole body does *It was not fibromyalgia friendly*).

We made quite a few ornaments for the Christmas tree, but my mum’s ones were definitely the best. Then we started crocheting some shawls (one each) as Christmas presents. It took ages, and my mum ended up finishing the one I had started *oopsie*. So after a while, I stopped.

Fast forward to around June 2019, during my second pregnancy. My mum started a little jacket for our future baby girl’s birth and so I decided to tag along and crochet the same little jacket for our son. It was a massive fail. You can find the photos of my mum’s one on her instagram page, which is super cute but you won’t find a photo of mine’s because I’ve never finished it, I have no idea how I managed that but it was way too small and impossible to wear! But this time, I did not give up. I started looking for written tutorial (my mum prefers watching videos, and I prefer when it’s written) and I found a cute one of a bunny. It was my very first project on my own and it was a success, I was so pleased with it. It’s probably not perfect at all, but I was so happy I managed to do it myself (okay my mum done the eyes and nose, because at that time I had no idea how to do it and she helped me sew the bow because it was super hard to). I made this one for our daughter.

So since then, I haven’t stopped really. For ages I sticked to amigurumis because that’s what I knew how to make so it was safe, and then I tried clothes, pillow, bookmarks, scrunchies, pacifier clip, (etc) and I’ve tried to make my own pattern as well.

Crochet is something I really love, and that helps me a lot with my anxiety. (Even if sometimes it gets on my nerves when it’s not working, or when it looks terrible – I cried of frustration many times and it still happens) I love that it’s something that I can share with my mum as well, as we are very very close.

This is something I truly love, and for months now I’ve been thinking about opening an online shop. I have loads of reaseraches to do before I take this decision but this is definitely something I’ve been thinking and talking about for a while. I’d love to become a (book) translator, but crochet could be a side project and who knows, maybe it could become a full time project/job, one can dream.

So yes, this is my crochet journey. It started all thanks to my mum, really.

I shared some of the project I made in those photos, but you can see more on my instagram page: Crochet_Morgane.

You can also find me on TikTok and Twitter

Thanks for reading, let me know if you’d like me to share more about my crochet’ projects from now on.

Morgane. x


  1. It’s lovely that you have such a sweet memory associated with crochet. I used to make pom poms with my grandma, and one year, my brother and me said we’d make the biggest pom pom ever. We still have it somewhere. 😂

    It was interesting to read about your crocheting journey! The deer pillow is adorable, and I love the Batman project. Thank you for sharing! 😊

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  2. You’re so talented! I have tried to learn how to crochet and I just seem to have a brain block about it all and it all goes horribly wrong, haha! I knit, but I am very basic at it but get a lot of joy from it! Your crochet journey was motivating as I think I will give it another try!

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  3. Thanks for sharing this.

    I am sure with practice you can get to where you want to be.

    I love that you have this bond with your mum. It’s lovely.

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